Floating Fortress

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**Floating Fortress** drops players into a survival adventure, navigating life on a raft and ship amidst an open sea. Tasked with gathering scattered debris and materials, players strive to enhance their base and progress through a storyline that serves mainly as a backdrop. The game guides you with specific tasks leading to material upgrades and a deeper understanding of current objectives.

One standout feature is the soundtrack infused with Indian melodies, adding a unique flair alongside a clean and user-friendly interface. The gameplay is notably smooth, complemented by visually appealing graphics and an inviting style.

In **Floating Fortress**, managing the satisfaction levels of various NPCs—such as cooks, fishermen, and nurses—is key to ensuring survival. Technological development is crucial, as a cataclysmic tsunami has humanity starting from scratch. Over time, players can explore new islands, engage in automatic battles, and expand their domain, making for a rich and evolving gaming experience.

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