Ride Kamens

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**Ride Kamens** – an innovative anime gacha game targeting a female audience, shifts the traditional focus from collecting "waifus" to assembling a roster of charismatic "husbandos." These dashing young heroes, whose faces remain uncovered even in their superhero outfits, captured the attention of Reddit users. However, the game promises broader appeal due to its intriguing features.

Helmed by Yuya Takahashi, the renowned screenwriter behind popular series like Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Kamen Rider Zero-One, and Kamen Rider Geats, the narrative is in capable hands. Despite some criticism of his endings, his storytelling is well-suited for the gacha format, adding to the game's charm.

Players can anticipate a rich 14-chapter storyline complete with full voice acting and Live-2D character animations. Through progressive gameplay and character upgrades, players will delve deeper into their stories and engage with them in a shared base environment, ensuring a captivating experience for all gamers.

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