Dumb Ways to Survive NETFLIX

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**Dumb Ways to Survive NETFLIX** – in this thrilling adventure game, you get the chance to test your survival acumen. Stepping into the shoes of a quirky bean character, you'll face the complexities of nature head-on, with no gadgets or immediate resources at your disposal. Your primary goal is to navigate the dense forest teeming with flora and fauna, collecting crucial items that will aid you in making it back to Fasoleland safely. The surrounding wilderness is fraught with peril, and even the slightest error could prove fatal. A standout feature of the game is its innovative mechanics, enabling you to craft indispensable tools and devices. For instance, gather the right materials to fabricate a fishing net for sustenance or a frying pan for cooking. These crafting opportunities hinge on your ability to locate the necessary resources scattered throughout the forest, adding a layer of strategy and ingenuity to your survival quest.

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