Kick the Buddy

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Kick the Buddy is an action-packed mobile game where players can release built-up stress by inflicting various forms of punishment on a resilient doll named Buddy. Despite the severe beatings that include shooting, explosions, and more, Buddy keeps bouncing back for more torment. The game thrives on the player's creativity in dishing out harm, reflected through visual injuries like bruises and burns, which heal quickly in between bouts.

Monetary rewards are given for the inflicted damage, enabling players to buy new weapons and locations, and there's a premium currency—gold bars—earned through tasks or purchases for special items. Progressing in the game involves completing repetitive yet rewarding torture tasks, garnering experience points and level-ups, which unlock more bonuses.

Notable features include a vast weapon arsenal, interactive gameplay (like dousing with fuel and setting fires), impressive physics and graphics, and humorous voice acting. With an appealing mix of simplicity and engagement, Kick the Buddy serves as an entertaining stress-relief tool, perfect for blowing off some steam with a resilient rag doll.

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v2.6.2 Mod: Unlimited Money/Gold