Neighbours back From Hell

Neighbours back From Hell v1.1 APK Download

Neighbours back From Hell is an updated remaster of the beloved arcade game "How to get a neighbor," offering enhanced HD graphics, smoother animations, and new escapades featuring the prankster Woody. Players step into the shoes of a TV show hero who entertains viewers by pulling humorous pranks on a particularly nasty neighbor. Originally debuting in the early 2000s, the franchise has maintained its popularity, offering over 20 episodes with enhanced visual appeal and smoother gameplay.

The objective is to help Woody exact playful revenge on his neighbor, who despite his best efforts, cannot evade Woody's mischief even while on vacation. Gamers need to cleverly find items and strategize their use to maximize the comedic effect while remaining undetected to keep the show running smoothly. The game extends beyond the confines of an apartment, taking players on a globetrotting journey to destinations like Mexico, India, and China.

Key features include 28 complete episodes, an increased frame rate, cartoon-style illustrations, high-quality graphics, and user-friendly controls. Dive into this nostalgic and amusing adventure to ensure Woody gives his neighbor a run for his money in every possible location!

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