Nobodies: After Death

Nobodies: After Death v1.2.2 APK Download

**Nobodies: After Death** – a gripping quest/puzzle adventure where players must ingeniously erase all evidence from murder scenes. Tasked by an ultra-secret state intelligence agency dedicated to eradicating threats to humanity, you are the cleaner, efficiently disposing of bodies and obliterating traces to ensure no connections lead back to your employers. Thoughtful planning is crucial in determining the method of corpse removal to avoid catastrophe if any proof remains. Traverse and creatively manipulate over 100 locations, solving intricate puzzles that challenge your acumen from straightforward searches to complex enigmas. Aid the agency in quelling internal betrayal by eliminating traitors who leaked deadly chemical weapon intel and sanitize the crime scenes of fallen enemies, embodying the dual roles of a skilled spy and meticulous liquidator.

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