Portal Monstars

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**Portal Monstars** is a strategic card game centered around collecting unit cards and engaging in intense player versus player (PvP) matches in a "1v1" format. In this unique game, players have the opportunity to purchase in-game currency to unlock rare cards, helping to balance the impact of in-game transactions or donations on gameplay.

In each turn, both players simultaneously place three cards on their respective sides of the battlefield. Unlike traditional card games, the cards in Portal Monstars do not have standard power levels or health points. Instead, they display star ratings ranging from 1 to 3. Once placed, the cards duel, and both cards vanish post-battle, paving the way for new cards in subsequent turns.

Winning battles nets players energy points based on the energy value associated with each card's cell. The crux of the game hinges on an energy indicator, which fills up as players accumulate victories in these card duels. The first player to completely fill their energy indicator emerges victorious, claiming dominance in the world of Portal Monstars.

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