Scary Teacher 3D

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**Scary Teacher 3D** — this game draws players into the mischievous world of pranking an unfortunate teacher. As a young student fed up with her teacher's antics, players must devise and execute elaborate punishments to exact their revenge. Each level of the game contains multiple stages, requiring the player to sneak into the teacher's house, find specific items, and set traps without being detected. Visual hints guide players on where to use these items, but careful listening is crucial to avoid getting caught. Once the trap is set, players must quickly exit the house to witness a humorous cutscene showing their prank in action. The game offers a variety of traps, such as spiking the teacher's pizza with hot pepper, ensuring plenty of creative and entertaining scenarios. Despite its playful premise, the third-person view adds an extra layer of challenge, as players must rely on sound cues to evade the teacher effectively.

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